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Is Your Content Letting You Down?

I’m a Toronto-based writer, producer and content strategy expert with over 15 years experience working with Bell Media, Corus, CBC, ITV, SheBlogs Canada, and

I help businesses stand out from the crowd (and boy, is it crowded).

When I worked as a television producer and editor, I read dozens of pitches every day from businesses that wanted to be profiled in broadcast and print. Most of their content was long and, quite frankly, rather ho-hum.

But, when I spoke to the business owner personally, it was something else. 9 times out of 10, what I learned was way more interesting than what I’d read. Suddenly, I became really excited to tell their story, but none of that magic was reflected in their content.

Everyone has a good story.

Today, I work with B2C & B2B companies helping them craft and refine their messaging through engaging, compelling copy that tells their unique story, engages customers and makes them stand out from the masses.

When I’m not wrangling words with aplomb, you’ll find me (quietly) assessing grammar or (loudly) singing show tunes with my community choir.

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