MW Service 1: Copywriting

Need catchy tag lines that will allure, amaze and be grammatically correct?

I do that.

After I’m done with your copy, you’ll need crowd control.

MW Service 2: Consulting Content & Brand Strategy

Launching your product or service and just need a little guidance on how to make your brand stand out from the crowd?

Pick my brain for a couple of hours.

I’ll bring the coffee.

MW Service 3: Blogging

Need fresh, regular posts that bring in business?

I’m a wiz with listicles and totally brilliant at short and long form content.

MW Service 4: About Us Pages

Is your copy letting you down?

I write kick-ass copy that tells your unique story in a concise and effective way.

MW Service 5: Email Campaigns

Need help writing marketing emails?

Aside from showcasing what you do/make/sell, the best written emails are like little taps on your customer’s shoulder reminding them how amazing you are.

YOUR BUSINESS IS amazing, special, unique.

If your brand had a spirit animal, it would be a unicorn.

I help shine a light on what sets you apart from the crowd.